3 Simple measures to survive the current Recession in Nigeria



News Headlines in Nigeria in the last few months

has been like

* Zenith Bank cuts 30% of workers Salary

* Militants blow up another pipeline

* Naira drops to all time low record of 440/$

* FG strategized on the Improving the Economy

* 1O,OOO workers to lose their job by the end of the month

and so on and so forth…


We don’t even need any prophet to tell

that the country is in a RECESSION

Below are simple measures to survive this hard time



Postpone that vacation abroad

Skip the unimportant phone calls

Use less of Generator and save money used in buying fuel

Postpone the New fashion and grocery shopping

The TV subscription can be cut as well

Treck those treckable distance and save fuel used in driving around

Water can sometimes replace Soda and juicy drinks



Assets are those thing that brings money to your pocket

Liabilities are what takes money out of your pockets ,

avoid spending on liabilities



Get an extra source of income like starting a small business for yourself

either offline or online … I have several training to get you started online on

www.9jawealthinfo.com and you too can start earning extra N80k-3OOk


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13 thoughts on “3 Simple measures to survive the current Recession in Nigeria

  1. The right of speech is shared equally by all. However, talking does not always mean saying the right thing. If anyone is convinced of his actions as sincere, rightly motivated, and helpful to others, he has nothing to worry about.

  2. I don’t see anything bad in your article. You give people unpoturnity to learn multiple source of get income in this hard time of buari regime by posting the article.

  3. You are right.it will take discipline in spending and more than one stream of income for one to survive in this economic recession.Good talk and advice from my internet coach.

  4. there is noting wrong in this advice ,cutting cost and increasing earning will go a long way to
    save us from recession .only for the wise…

  5. your article is very nice .
    people should learn how to be much more concentrated with Inferior goods rather than Luxury goods. This is where degree of necessity under the determination of elasticity comes in which states that ” The products that are NEEDS will always have Inelastic demand while those that are WANTS will always have Elastic demand”.
    Any one who obeys this law would be able to survive this ECONOMIC RECESSION.

  6. !00% Truth only the idiot will say you didn’t say the right thing , … Just continue your good deeds and God in heaven will be blessing you more and more —- If you don’t know, Know today that you are also a PREACHER or should i say a man of God because you’re changing life from worst to better ….. Keep it up bro .

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