5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life


5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life

Everyone wants to be successful in life, live an accomplished life, have money to take care of their family , buy their dream houses, and live their dream life , but a lot of people tend not to achieve this till they die, Here are 5 reasons most people don’t succeed in life.


“How I wish I could find a ‘Ghana must go’ bag filled with dollars, aargh!  I will change my life.”

“How I wish my dad was Dangote!”

“How I wish I have star like Wizkid ” and wish and wish every day and night, If wishes come true , every man would have a pot of gold, but life isn’t fashioned this way, You have to know exactly what you want , be precise about it, and start working towards getting whatever you want. How many people do this?


This is another major reason why people don’t succeed in life. , a lot of people believe Linda Ikeji is lucky, but they don’t know that she blogged consistently for 4 years before she  lot of people believe Beyonce is lucky  to be as successful as she is, but they don’t know that she

started singing professionally at the age of 9 (with her friend, Kelly Rowland), and she didn’t taste success till she was 15 years old.

The truth is, everyone you might think is lucky had to sacrifice a lot (time, energy, effort, sweat, pains ) to get where he/she is. There is no such thing as luck


You will not get something for nothing in this world.

If you want something (anything at all), you have to be willing to give something in return. Even salvation which a lot of people say is free comes with a cost (your freedom). You want to be rich? Are you willing to work 16 hours everyday, 7 days a week? Are you willing to take big risks? Are you willing to give up going for parties in order to spend more time on your goals? Are you willing to be alone? Are you willing to delay gratification?



I used to live next to this man who I noticed played draft (checkers) all day, every day. I found out the man had lost his job, and he wasn’t doing anything to make things better in his life…living all the burden on his hardworking school teacher wife. One day, I heard the man say “If it is my time, God will bless me.” That was 10 years ago; I still gave the man N200 last month for food.


There is a Yoruba adage that says “omo to ba no owo e soke ni iya re ma gbe.”

Translation– “It is the child that stretches his hands up that the mother would carry”

how can you expect God to bless you, how can you expect God to lift you up when you are not doing anything to better your own situation? If every man on Earth had the mentality this man has, how will there be progress in this world? It is because of having a lot of men like this as dead weight in the society that Africa seems to be so backwards when compared to the rest of the world.



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 Majority of people don’t think for themselves, they just flow with the crowd. And when it comes to what they want, they also flow with what the society dictates. So, we have a bunch of “zombie like” people who don’t know exactly what they want out of life, or why they are here. Or, I can say they do know what they want, which is what the next man wants.

So, when there is a new booming business making some people money, they flock there without carrying out research on the business or even having passion for the business. And when the business becomes saturated, they jump on the next train. And this system goes on and on like that till they are old and grey. They never try to be creative, or even try to discover what their real passion is…they just FOLLOW THE CROWD.

It is absolutely the right time for you to snap out of your wishful thinking, and detest the crowd mentality to take a bold step to better your Life, Start a business of your own and follow it with passion ,You can as well join online business income earner today >> CLICK HERE<<

Remian Blessed

Taiwo Yusuff


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