ANSWER to my QUIZ and How to get Credit and Internet DATA for Dead Cheap price


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For those who missed the Quiz….

Here is the question I asked


There are 7 girls inside a room

Ada is reading her book,

Lola is taking her bath

Chinyere is Sleeping

Bukola is Listening to Music from her phone

Titi is playing chess

Aminat is dressing up

What is Amaka doing?


Think deep , the first correct entry wins

N1,OOO Recharge Charge of any Network



And I got loads of answers some are very funny,

that made me laugh and fall from my seat

few of the funny answers are

Amaka no dey the room

Amaka don go lecture

Amaka is either eating or watching T.V

Amaka is telling the story

Amaka is either cooking or washing plates


But none of these is the correct, the correct answer is


because it requires 2 people to play the game of chess

Lot of people got this correctly but there is only one winner

The fastest entry Who will claim the

N1OOO recharge voucher and the person is

With the email address (


But for those of you who got it wrong

or got it correct but your entry was not as fast as KENNY4IDOWU (the winner)

I also have a gift for you, a Secrete website where you can get call Credit

and internet data bundle for any network for damn cheap prices

imagine buying credit worth N 5000 and only have to pay N4750

and buying 1Gb of data bundle for just N1100 instead of N2000

cheaper than what the network provider sells

The website name is CLUBKASH and

Click HERE to register with the Website


It will take you to a registration page that looks like this below

referal signup

And all you just need to create and account is provide your

Surname, Firstname , Mobile Number and Password

after that hit Submit and your registration is done

and you will have a page like this


to login simply type in your Mobile Number and your password

and it will take you to your account


Now you are set to start buying Recharge credit

or Internet dada Bundle at dead cheap prices


to buy credit or data , simply click the BUY NOW button on any of the data/credit amount you intend to buy as listed below



Once you click on the buy now , it will take you to the purchase page,

When you can fill all necessary information


In my own case I am buying airtime for my Number

Payment Option: ATM CARD (I use my atm card to pay)

SELECT the Network of your choice

Type in Airtime value

Amount (is generated automatically)

Then type in your Phone Number and confirm it below


After filling all these click on “CLICK TO PROCEED”

It will drect you to atm payment page like this,


Simply click PAY NOW

Which takes you to a page where you are to provide your card details10

Like this one below


Select Card Type (MasterCard , VISA, or VERVE)

Provide CARD NUMBER: the digits number at the back of your card

EXPIRY DATE: always written below the 15 digits in form of mm/yy (month/year)

CVV2: the last 3 digits at the reverse side of the card

And you can then input your card Pin

And click on PAY button


Once all is completed, the amount will be charge from your bank and the phone number will be loaded almost immediately with the equivalent Airtime or data.



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5 thoughts on “ANSWER to my QUIZ and How to get Credit and Internet DATA for Dead Cheap price

  1. How safe is it to use ATM cards for online transactions? I have always dreaded this option for fear of exposing my ATM card number which could trigger off a mega intrusion into my bank account. Omo I no wan lose my hard earned money o!. I never try this ‘add your card number’ stuff. As a matter of fact it gets the urine dripping down my rod just thinking about it alone. So can you tell me exactly how safe it is to do this.



  2. I really appreciate you, you are a good mentor, I pray for more knowledge for you. God bless , trying out the importation stuff, believe the best is going to come out of it. Love you my leader, Taiwo Yusuf

  3. Hi Taiwo 9jawealthifo, I enjoyed your article on I would like to know if they are still paying commission in a regular manner, and if I can sign up under you.

    Thirdly, can I get indirect referral commission when my referrals bring in others?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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