ATYCHIPHOBIA – The fear of failure and how to overcome it


ATYCHIPHOBIA is the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure

Atychiphobia  is a specific type of Phobia that often leads to a constricted lifestyle


Atychiphobia is derived from the greek word “phobos” meaning  fear

and “Atyches” meaning unfortunate


Persons afflicted with  atychiphobia considers the possibility of failure so much

that they choose not to take the risk. Often times these person will subconsciously

undermine their own efforts so that they no longer have to continue to try.


It is this particular fear that affects most people wanting to make money online

I never blamed them anyway , I was once in their shoes


They Fear to take the risk of buying an online course

Or attending a training or seminar .


They don’t want to be scammed  or end up buying an half baked information or product

You can read this article on how to detect a scammer and avoid them


For anyone willing to make Money online especially in Nigeria,

Having this fear is a normal thing  due to the circumstances and situation we have found ourselves

but overcoming it quickly is the most important thing


Listed below are 3 steps to overcome Atychiphobia

From my own personal experience,



Often times this fear hold people back in taking their first step, making them to procrastinate ,

and after several procrastination,  they give in to the fear and  decide not to take the risk at all. taking

your first bold step into action can be very helpful in overcoming this fear, jst like steping feet into a

river, once a feet is in already, your body adjust to the temperature and  you fear the cold less.



Taking risk is a necessity in human life, our everyday life activities are all risk bound,

for every  risk I take say this to myself ” I Hope for the best , but I expect the worst ”

This statement prepares my mind for failure, so even if I fail, I don’t get shocked by it and it will occur

like it’s a normal thing, I will not be depressed in taking another action


Here is what I mean,

while I was in NYSC, I wanted to buy an online course, for N3,000 though I earn only N19,800

having removed the N3,000 to pay for the course, I have zeroed my mind already on the N3,000 like its

gone and started living on the remaining N16,800.. though the course fetched me good result and I later

have more to spend, but if it was otherwise, I wouldn’t be downcast , because I have already prepared

myself for the worst… hope you get





The time factor is another factor that affects the way You manage the fear of failure

If You face it promptly , You have higher chances of overcoming it, the more time you delay facing the

fear the more the fear overwhelm you,  Once you have made up your mind to take a risk, take it on time

A risk worth taking, is a risk worth taking on time



I wish you all the best as you ply the road to success in this internet business career

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Best of Luck

Taiwo Yusuff






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  1. l have overcome that fear for long, but my problem is how to raise this token and start off immediatly .l dont want this token or registration money to stop me from joining this business.? pls what do l do.

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