BREAKING: CBN Introduces New Charges on ATM card and cheques


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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has proposed a N100 monthly charge on

every debit card (ATM card) in the country.

The new charge is separate from the existing N65 charge after the third

withdrawal within the same month.

A monthly maintenance fee of N100 was also proposed every month for a naira

dominated debit card when used, and a N50 charge for other months when

the card is used or not according to NAIJ


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8 thoughts on “BREAKING: CBN Introduces New Charges on ATM card and cheques

  1. The problem we have now in Nigeria is caused by our leaders and the poor man suffer for this. this is the reason why we need to wake up in Nigeria and plan something great for ourself. Though is good to go to school have a certificate but excuse me, your certificate is not enough to make you a successful man. You can also check here and see what am talking about:

  2. I know its the fed govt that is giving instruction to CBN to introduce all those charges.
    They don’t even have compassion for poor innocent Nigerians.
    Why can’t they charge the elite people and politicians high taxes in their bank accounts?

    This is what happens when you allow an illiterate who used fake certificate to deceive Nigerians, to now rule over us. Nonsense.
    Govt and CBN dey craze seriously.
    May thunder fire all of them.

  3. This is so wrong, this means that assuming one has a small amount in his account , say 3000 naira , of which his monthly intrest is not up to 50 naira, with time , even without him withdrawing any kobo, his account whould be drained completly by the so called government. This is so wrong.

  4. The financial implication will be so difficult for the poor Nigerians which i strong believe the so called APC Government is so insensitive to our plights. Nigerians should now see the kind of change we have desired for, stark illitrates dictating our future

  5. This is wat happens wen u leave APC in charge when fashola was gov he worked they said but he suffered the poor&yes he said he won’t go 4 a second term ah! but he did so as to exploit us the more during his tym shops were just getting burnt oh do u remember Tejuosho market it got burnt i tink 2008/2009 but was finished 2013/2014 ah! Wat a relief but at wat price a lot poor ppl had a place but how many of dem cud afford dem datz nt all wat about KIA datz full of injustice &bias dey take no pity on d poor if dey had enuf moni dey wont b on roadsides but KIA fashola&the whole of APC including Jagaban are corrupt&dey dont care bout d welfare of nigerians dey are moni bags dat covas ppl eyes with cash so as 2 do dier will lyk all dose foolish celebs who sang 4 Ambode now tell me wat&wat has he done my own is dat all of dem in APC makin us 2 sufa&wen dey want2 campaign dash moni out so as2win&torture us will neva die well in Jesus name amen.

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