Feb 18

5 terrible excuses for letting your dreams go


Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and yet most of us in life will never see them through. Perhaps it’s due to being afraid of failure, unprecedented circumstances, or even death. And the ones who do achieve their dreams? Most are often left unfulfilled, wandering aimlessly and confused — why?

Because dreams are meant to be dreams, they’re supposed to be unattainable. That’s why they’re dreams, right?


Here are 5 terrible excuses for letting your dreams go.

  1. You think you’re not good enough.

Yes, everyone has that little voice in their head screaming that Continue reading

Jun 28

How to get a payoneer card to withdraw funds from fiverr, gigbucks, clickbank , paypal and other websites in Nigeria

Fortunately enough most of us never have to work from 8am to 8pm , the regular daily job

Or having to leave our house to any workplace to make a living

we are doing so from the comfort of our homes and we can choose our working hours

and for how long we have to work,

big thanks to the Internet for creating this avenue for us to work and earn legitimately online.


But unfortunately also, only few of us who make money have the privilege to collect their online revenue as most of these website does not recognize or pay to Nigerian banks directly. So I am here to share with you a little secrete of how you also can withdraw your funds from website like , fiverr.com , gigbucks.com, clickbank, mycheapjobs , seoclerks, and even paypal  Continue reading

Jul 14

6 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From FIFA World Cup 2014

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup event takes place with 32 nations put on the battle field to contest for the title of “World Cup Champions.” Usually at this time, the entire world is put on hold as the event attracts people from different parts of the world to a place where history will be made.

This period is also a time global brands and businesses invest heavily in football because there is always going to be a corresponding ROI


However, in the eyes of a smart entrepreneur, the FIFA World Cup 2014 game is not just a football game but an event where several business lessons can be learned.

After a long time analysis of the events that unfolded at the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, I was able to come up with 6 different business lessons an entrepreneur can learn and apply to his business or entrepreneurial endevours.

Let’s run though them:

#1 Patience with focused mind is a virtue in a business-playing field

One of the games played at the FIFIA World Cup 2014 that put the whole world to shock was the Brazil-Germany game!

It was a game which so many people predicted to be one of the toughest. Some even went ahead to tag it the “Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals.” While this turned not to be true, it however Continue reading