EVERYBODY DIES : If you see him call the cops


Not really sure which of the title to use

so I decided to use both, and I think its cool


and No! I am not here to share with you

another death story, but rather an inspiring content

that will awaken the dead energy in you

and gear you to live even more

it was extracted from one of my favorite

youtube videos, read carefully



it is not death that people are afraid of

it is getting to the end of life only to

realize that you never truly lived


There was a study done on 100 elderly people

facing death close to their last breath


they were asked to reflect on their lives biggest regret

nearly all of them said

they regretted not all the things they did

but the things they didn’t do

the risks they never took

the dreams they never pursue..


See Most of us are afraid of the thief

that comes in the night that comes to steal

our things but there is a thief in your mind

who is after your dreams,

his name is DOUBT ,

if you see him call the cops

and keep him away from the kids because

he is wanted for murder,

for he has killed more dreams than

failure has ever did.



Those were my best lines from the short video

by price ea , which he titled “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”



Doubt has killed many dreams more than failure itself,

many of us here are constantly fighting that voice within

which silently whispers to our heart every now and then


what if I start this business and it doesn’t give profit?

What if is start exercising and didn’t lose this fat ?

what if I made this investment and it didn’t yield a penny ?

and eventually give in to the self-DOUBT


the very first thing that will make you fail to achieve whatever

you want in life is that little voice within you

called DOUBT..


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because it will stop you before you even start


AVOID IT! and you are a step closer to your dreams




Yours truly

internet Biz coach

Taiwo Yusuff




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