How I made N317,000 in 50 days from a simple website


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profit and loss

This Website will put extra 6 figures into your bank account , if you are a risk taker just like me.

Someone introduced me to this website just about 2months ago,

and my only wish was to have known the website earlier

… simply because i have made up to N317,000 in that short period.

The Website pays you 30% of your investment everyday , meaning you make 1% returns

on your investment everyday, here is what i mean by calculation,

lets say you invest N10,000 and after 30days,

you will get the N10,000 + N3000 returns back from the site

Interesting right ?

Below are samples of my earnings from the website


LOOK CLOSELY !  — That is N276,000 withdrawn  from the website on 21/07/2016

from my N200,000 i made N76,000 as profit within 48hours ,

below are some of the bank Notification I usually get from the website

gtb cre

And also for those that will doubt this , You can watch the live video proof on Youtube

You can simply download the video >> HERE <<

Having watched the video, and you are willing to start earning just like me on the website

Simply register for FREE on the website >> HERE

and begin to earn 30% profit from your investments

Ensure to download the video to serve as guide to put you through the

process of registering on the website

you can follow any of these download links below

Video Download Link 1

Video Download Link 2

And the N60,000 withdrawn in the video Came in within 24hours , See the proof below

the 60k


You too can start right now >> HERE




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– lot of people will register and get scared of investing, I was scared also

when I first started, but starting small helped me overcame the fear, you too can start with N1,000 …

N2,000… N5,000 … N10,000 … N20,000 or N50,000 if you can’t afford to take the big risk at once!

The main thing is getting started, and you can start right away by signing up >> HERE


NOTE: After successful registration, send me an email or whatsapp message to invite

you to my inner circle group of successful people on this website, where we can mentor

you on how best to invest on the website and for quick and optimal returns without getting burnt !


=============== UPDATE==============

In less  than 15 days after this post was originally posted

I made another N469,000 by risking 1 million naira and 1 got N1,469,000 back

on august 5th, see the screenshot below

over 400k


DISCLAIMER ALERT : MMM Is a Ponzi Scheme and may eventually crash one day, So do not Invest any amount you cannot afford to lose, I am taking the calculated risk for myself only, and you also can join the program if you are willing to take the Calculated Risk.


I wish you best of luck

Your internet biz coach

Taiwo Yusuff



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44 thoughts on “How I made N317,000 in 50 days from a simple website

  1. 30% profit? What business is the money used for.. As in what are we investing in? How want to know how the money yield profit.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I made it clear enough that this is a ponzi scheme and a certain level of risk is involved, which i am willing to take for myself … and i share the information for free and only those who are willing to take the risk should partake

      but as for me, the risk has been worth it so far !

  2. MMM???? Mr Taiwo, please protect your name. It won’t be funny if d whole thing folds up & people who signed up under your name start to blame you. I think you SHOULD add a Disclaimer to all your posts on MMM. I am not thinking of joining though, but I think these guys are robbing Peter to pay Paul

  3. Lets be very careful with the kind of websites we subscribe to all in a bid to make brisk money.

    Taiwo I would say please concentrate more on the business you have been doing and do not lure people to such.

    For me i am not a partaker of such.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I made it clear enough that this is a ponzi scheme and a certain level of risk is involved, which i am willing to take for myself … and i share the information for free and only those who are willing to take the risk should partake

      but as for me, the risk has been worth it so far !

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I made it clear enough that this is a ponzi scheme and a certain level of risk is involved, which i am willing to take for myself … and i share the information for free and only those who are willing to take the risk should partake

    but as for me, the risk has been worth it so far !

  5. well, i have gone true the site what i understand from MMM is a group of people trying to help each orders needs with honest mind, i guess’ but it a little risk there, i try to register, but the site refues me, maybe there not real

    • is 100% real. I’m into it, any body dat is telling u is nt real is a liar, Dey re trying to deceive pple. is 100% real. maybe u don’t want to be under someone, u want to be on ur own which is nt possible, u must be under person period

  6. I’m not saying the way Mr Taiwo published MMM is right or wrong (probably because of his own reputation, he shouldn’t have published it). You are right though, cause it might collapse anytime, but I invest what I can afford to loose. So it’s a matter of choice. But of the truth, we should all be aware that there is no investment program or mutual fund without risk! I’ve been participating in this MMM for almost seven (7) months now, and it has been paying BIG into my account (I’m 100% sincere about this). For me, MMM is really working for me. You can please mail me Mr Taiwo if you have any other investment package.

  7. I was told about this website few weeks ago. From what I can make out, it’s a website where people go to get money from. The money are provided my uses of the site who expect to earn profit. What I don’t understand is if borrows of fund pay interest. And the interest in turn use to pay providers of the fund. This is definitely risky but I think it’s worth trying. I just need little clarification.

  8. MMM is not an investment neither is it a bank where you make interest or make profit. MMM is simply a community of helpers where you donate spare money. There are no guarentees after you donate. Stop painting MMM as an investment or company so you won’t mislead others.

  9. MMM is not an investment or a ponzi scheme as stated by Mr Taiwo.
    M=Mavrodi=Name of the founder
    M=Mondia=MMM is all over the world not only in Nigeria
    M=Movement=Group of people who share a certain Ideology.
    MMM is not Bank, MMM does not collect your money, is not an online business, not HYIP, not investment & not multi level nor networking.
    MMM is a community where people help each other. MMM only give you & I technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help…… for free.
    It is clearly written that we should participate only with our spare money.


  11. Hi Mr. Taiwo. Am happy to know that you are already a participant in MMM and you have benefited very well, you saw the opportunity that is why you want others to benefit am glad you are doing that. But let me correct you here. MMM is not PonziPonzi, MMM is not an investment, MMM is not MLM, MMM is not bank. Let us get that, it is not fair for you to write that mmm is ponzi. Now we all know that MMM makes it clear that you are participating at your own risk. I agree with you, we are all risk taker. Am we glad here we are positive risk taker. Am Dapo..100+guider. MMM

  12. I can see it involve refferal of a thing, if I donate without reffering somebody will I still receive my money with the interest @ mr taiwo

  13. MMM is real ooo, am a member, they will pay me next week 5th Sep. 2016, abeg Mr Taiwo if there is another site that is like mmm pls let me know or u add me in whatsapp with 07033770714.
    here are my inspirational word to u all;
    Note it that this world is all about risk, the more risk u take, the richer u become and the more hypertension in u reduces.lolz… as for me i will use this opportunity to change my life for better ok…….
    MMM is real for sure.
    love u all.
    add me in whatsapp if u want to learn more
    Frank is my name.

  14. This (MMM) is the most criticized website I have ever come across on the internet and media, but based on my research and analysis, this the best fund generating system and secured investment I have ever come accros too… This is my personal opinion!!!!. And I will suggest to everyone, nobody forces you to join, if your instinct tells you not to join, then you are saved, but if your instinct tells you to join based on the instructions given on the website, you are also saved. Please before you critizied anything try and get details of it and give vivide points why you will not stand by it… Thanks to everyone that reads, we are still friends even if we disagree on this…✌✌

  15. u see mr taiwo, its not all about telling people so many things to do to make it but at the end nothing seams to work out after so many trials. its so painful some may see it as a scam, lets do something more real pls.

  16. Thanks for this Mr Yusuff,
    I have heard about this but i could not believe that is working fine. I am confused with your proof of earning now, i think i will try it. Though 2days ago i check the website and i read alot of things about Risk, everything in life is Risk. If you can’t take a Risk, you can’t succeed in Life.

    When i first had about it, i thought is one of this scammer that come back again, because i could remember some years back when some people dumped us with alot of money, i and my brother lost over $2000 that time and since then am always careful with type of business to invest on.
    Thank you for this, i will try it and see how its work. Maybe i will try with 50k.

  17. mr.taiwo am kings by name tell is this mmm of a thing real or fake because am highly interested but really scared bcos and just a student striving for survive from d little given to me by my parents.add me with 08130218255 via whatsup

  18. MMMOffice is as real as Reality itself. I heard about it last year but I thought it was SCAM not until my friend who told me about started making money from MMMOffice o. I told him to show me the way and he responded thus, ” you know the way I had told you before”. Then I reluctantly keyed into the system, and I began to make money from MMMOffice too. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact on Whatsapp via 07069541593 or

  19. I think every thing in life requires risk taking,but MMM is like FOREX stuff that disappear with peoples funds when they reached their certain financial target limit.They may be paying now in good volume,but they already have a bad record and only the blind or deaf maybe hasn’t heard or know about their PONZI SCHEME STUFF.Mr Yusuf,hope you will be able to answer for your loyal subscribers and customers when this people disappear into thin air?A Good reputation is better than a good name.

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