How to be the Next Millionaire from FLP

flp millionaire next exit

What the Heck is FLP?

Let me quickly take you out of the mystery , FLP stands for ForeverLiving Products , and it’s a name of a company who came into Nigeria some 16years ago,  they are into sales and manufacture of Healthy, Beauty, cosmetic, and  Fitness products, which has its span across over 120 countries globally and worth over $1b .

In simple English, it is a Network Marketing company or Multi-Level marketing Company as many people call it


Oh No.. another MLM company? not Again !!

You are sick and tired of Hearing of MLM Companies, or Network Marketing companies , and you want to stop reading !.. that will be good , JUST STOP READING RIGHT HERE and forget about the Millionaire Opportunity I am about to share…


I hated them as well, until I realized I have lost over N20m from mere hatred

In the last 2 years….

Here is my Story,

In the last 15 years I have known a handful  of these MLM companies, which I personally buy and use their some of their products

Not that I was sick, but I am a fan of living healthy  and I dislike visiting hospitals…

Talk of GNLD, TREVO, Organo Gold, Tianshi, Oriflame and so many other MLM companies

They all have wonderful products and have awesome payment plans for anyone willing to be a seller or distributor of their products..

I started selling Kedi Products in 2016 and as at today I am a level 4 manager

and I currently earn reasonable 6 figures monthly from selling their products online

Long story Short

all these companies and are wonderful,

and I am not here to preach which one is better or which one is bad


But I and here to share my latest discovery with you,

a Loophole I found in FLP  and How it can make your dream come true faster

thinking of getting a brand new car, 7-figures Monthly Income,

and all expense paid travel around the world,

all of these can be achieved within short period of time with this new discovery




Listen carefully I joined FLP exactly on June 16th, 2015 after it was introduced to me by my

Coach and Senior colleague (Gbolagade Adetunji)

tj join flp

but I never made a Shining Kobo.. even till January 2017

You Know why?

I said to myself , MLM again?

I was sick and tired of hearing anything, Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing

so I never took it serious

Not knowing I have been handed a chance to make over N1m monthly?

My hatred for MLM and Network marketing business cost me over N23m

I could have made in the wasted 18months





I began to regret my ignorance, and negligence when

some of my friends on facebook who Joined FLP by late 2016, began to do so well

they show up their monthly bonus from FLP and , brand new car reward and even their all expense paid

travels all from this same FLP I already know about

flp nous sunday  idris adeleye flp

Like that was not enough Opeyemi who happens to be my Personal  Assistant and Student, right under my nose joined FLP and send me this message for his first month Bonus…

ope flp

Now I know I was in deep Mess



These Amazing people who have been doing so great With FLP are not just my friends,

they are people I have good relationship with , they are my close pals, but the difference between

them and myself was that.. I was making a terrible mistake which I don’t want you to make,

I was mixing emotions with money…


I decided to swallow my pride and learn from the best of the best

How it is been done properly, its not funny I had to go back to my very own student to teach me the right

way.. and that is when I found out the loophole



These are the names of top sales persons for the month of January as published on FLP website

flp earners flp top sales

Look very carefully those names you see on this list are top earners for the month of January

and those marked are people who are very close to me and i have personal contacts to


I have personally learn from these great guys and am already on my next FLP Manger Move

But it won’t be nice if I fail to carry you my lovely readers along and share the same opportunity with you

while I have personally contacted these top earners and plead to spare from their busy

schedule to come help teach you my loyal subscriber and reader under a single platform


They have agreed to join me in a Special INNER CRICLE Group for training You

and  99 other people

till  you attain your first N1m monthly income

** You shall have access to the be Mentored by all these top FLP leaders in Nigeria

** You have access to Timely Information about the High-demand  FLP Products to Sell

** You shall have access to Special Marketing tools to Get buyers calling your phone

24/7 for orders almost immediately

** You shall have access to Network with other Prospective Millionaires

** and so many other benefits to make your Millionaire dream  come true

To qualify for entry to the group

  1. You first have to register with FLP and have an active account
  2. You have to be ready to purchase your first set of products worth 1cc or 2 cc

Cc means “case credit” which is the volume unit used by the website

1cc worth of product will cost you about, N67,000.

and 2 cc worth of products will cost you about N134,000

meanwhile you will make more than double of these cost after selling those products

our special marketing tool will assist you to sell even the 2cc volume within

just 6days and you will make over 270,00 as pure profit

IF YOU ARE READY TO GO ..then start by registering with FLP



==========HOW TO REGISTER WITH FLP =============

visit the website

locate the join button at the top right corner and click

flp join




a page pops up where you are required to fill out your

personal information, contact information and sponsor information

flp 2


for your sponsor information use this number (234001752493) it should display my full  names


then  fill out the captcha code and tick the small box

then click on Reveiew Application to  submit

after submission , you will be assigned a Distributor ID , but you won’t be able to login yet

because the password is manually generated  and you have to request for it ,

due to a strict policy of the company to do away with un serious individuals


============PASSWORD REQUEST PROCESS==============

From your registered email you need to send a mail to all these addresses,,,,,


The title of the email can be something like , “request for password.” “password request ” ,

“account details request”  etc

then compose a message like



My name is XXXXX with the distributor ID number: XXXX .

I will like to update my bank account with the details below.

Bank Name:   XXXXXXX



Please, I will also appreciate if you can generate a temporary password

for me.





in the email you are providing them with your name and account details with which you

will like to be receiving payments and also for them to generate a password for you so you can login

Usually they should reply within 24 hours, but due to the volume of people registering everyday

It may take 2-4 working days


If you didn’t get your password after 4 working days,

you can resend them the email, but don’t register again

Once you are given your password and you can login to your account

Then you are clear for step 1

and secondly once you get the said amount required to purchase either 1cc or 2cc,

you are clear for step 2.


after which you are qualified to be admitted to the INNER CIRCLE GROUP of FLP Millionares

So you can then send me an email via or sms/call/whatsapp 08060179720

While I will add you to the group for close mentoring till you attain your first N1m monthly Income with FLP



or Simply DOWNLOAD the Video  >>  HERE  <<




Still your Internet Biz Coach

Taiwo Yusuff




and don’t forget to share, you may be helping someone

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  1. Bravo!my Internet wizard and my mentor. I long to work closely with you as my partner. You’re very renowned in the internet and I want you to share from the chief of technology and multi level marketing business in the world today. See you soon as I shall be sharing my discovery with you soon sir.My name is Chukwueze Celestine and I am an entrepreneur by profession. Phone +2348030669755

  2. I love the idea, but right now am broke. I have not a single penny to my name. But once I get funds I will try it out. Thanks.

  3. This is a very good contribution to our noble community in order to advance their standard of loving . But a person who hasn’t afford to purchase 1cc or 2cc cannot participate in anyway ………….?

  4. next time you send me this mail ,i will send efcc after U AND ALL UR FAMILY MEMBERS.please I AM NOT INTERSTED,IS IT BY FORCE.LEAVE MY LIFE ALONE! I

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  6. nice write up brother, you really broke it down. i think forever is still the best MLM because it has passed the test of time and it products are the best. am proud to be a member. can i copy some of this.

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