How to get a payoneer card to withdraw funds from fiverr, gigbucks, clickbank , paypal and other websites in Nigeria

Fortunately enough most of us never have to work from 8am to 8pm , the regular daily job

Or having to leave our house to any workplace to make a living

we are doing so from the comfort of our homes and we can choose our working hours

and for how long we have to work,

big thanks to the Internet for creating this avenue for us to work and earn legitimately online.


But unfortunately also, only few of us who make money have the privilege to collect their online revenue as most of these website does not recognize or pay to Nigerian banks directly. So I am here to share with you a little secrete of how you also can withdraw your funds from website like , ,, clickbank, mycheapjobs , seoclerks, and even paypal  etc.


Wondering who I am?

I am Taiwo Yusuff and I am an Internet entrepreneur ,  99.9% of all my income are from online

And I teach people how they can make money also. You may want to follow me on facebook or google my name to know more about me.


Back to the reason why we are here

I will be introducing to you PAYONEER CARD

Payoneer is a card company based in United states and they support payment processing from any registered with them to any part of the world including Nigeria (what a good news)


So to register with payoneer visit their WEBSITE

Lucky enough they will give you $25 for signing up with them HERE

You will be required to provide your full address

Utility Bill (I used my PHCN BILL)

And a means of Identification (National id, Drivers license or international passport)


After providing all of these on the registration page

Your card will be shipped FREE OF CHARGE to the address provided

And you can begin to use this card to receive payment online


A sample of my card is as shown below

sample payoneer fiverr card


If you need further help you can contact me on facebook


or if you need help with paypal services withdrawing , buying and selling


Thanks for Reading


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  1. Hello bro i want to make money online but i don’t have a computer, i have a mobile phone and i’m a truck driver. I am interested in taking surveys. How can i make money taking surveys here in nigeria.

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