How to know who is real and who is just a scammer online in Nigeria


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how to spot a scammer


Listen and Listen good,

there are so many fly by night online marketers out there,

All they want is to do is rob you of your hard-earned income

They will promise heaven on earth before paying them

After paying them they will disappear and nowhere to be found

I felt  touched when one of my loyal subscriber was lamenting

that he paid for a seminar and the organizers never showed up

and on the fateful day none of their phone lines was available till date

He has been scammed !

Here are few tips to help save you Online and to be sure you are dealing

with a good person and not a scammer

  1. Conduct underground research using google

Type the person’s name and put “SCAM” at the end e.g “TAIWO YUSUFF SCAM” ,

if the person has engaged in any scam , google will show it


  1. Make use of social media tools like facebook, Search for the peson’s name on facebook

If found, read through the person’s wall and read other peoples comment about him/or her

Do thesame thing with Twitter and Youtube

  1. And Finally , Demand to see them One-on-One before dealing with them,

most of these people don’t have a physical address ,

and when you call and demand to see them, immediately, they will disappear into the thin air.


I pray you and I will never be a victim of these wicked people ,

but at the same time, we need to keep our eyes widely open .

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These few tips can help you save you hard earned income,

share this message and save someone today!

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14 thoughts on “How to know who is real and who is just a scammer online in Nigeria

  1. Tomorrow I am going to buy two products: How much is Naira Bet. Most I buy facebook Autopilot for the second round. The first round does not fetch me a kobo. Creat ways for Someone income and he will believe you. What you get are not going into my pocket why should I believe

  2. helo coach, must l start with Facebook autopilot,or can l start with nairabet. please l help me l need some money within one week to solve my immediate problem .

  3. Almost got scammed last week…
    Came across this post while researching to see if i can find that thief.
    Nice Article bro.
    Subscribed to your email list already.

  4. Woah,
    Nice piece of well crafted content <3 The points you covered are really awesome 🙂 everything you wrote was agreeable really cool thanks for writing such a cool post
    ~ Hemant Kumar

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