If you continue doing these 5 things, You will not make a dime online


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how to make money online

So yesterday I received a call from one of my subscribers,

who wanted to order for one of my online products

but was trying to explain his past ordeals and lamented to me on how he has lost so much and got scammed several times by the so called fake guuruus


After much explanation, I replied him bluntly

You will never make a dime online !


The reason was simple…

He keep doing the same thing over and over without paying attention to the details

Let me share those things you also need to avoid if you want make headway in this online business

On your own part you need to avoid these common mistakes

  1. Confirm the credibility of whoever you are dealing with before parting away with your kesh

e.g Someone is teaching you how to farm but has never held a cutlass, so what does he has to show you.

You have the internet at your disposal, google the pers

on’s name, search for him on facebook or youtube, see what people are saying about him or her

  1. Don’t jump on every shining new thing out there: many people keep buying every new internet product, without even implementing any, instead they could have just concentrated on just one thing and succeed
  2. Quit too soon (Laziness ): a whole lot of reason why many fail on the internet is the lack of perseverance, they fail to realize that internet is just a tool, and to make it online just like offline, it requires hardwork and perseverance
  3. Gullibility: many people are easily deceived and will keep falling victims of cheap scams,

Someone who calls himself/herself an internet marketer but does not have a physical address or give room for you to meet him one on one, yet you pay to his account and then complain.

  1. Greediness : many lazy people will be quick to rust to those online business, where they will ask them to invest 1$ and get $1,OOO in 5days or just click 10 pages per day and get paid 1OO$ , how on earth do you think that can be possible, I don’t pity such people after getting their fingers burnt

Now that you know those things you need to avoid online

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Best of Luck in your Internet Endeavor

Taiwo Yusuff

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9 thoughts on “If you continue doing these 5 things, You will not make a dime online

  1. Dear Taiwo , I have been following your messages so far, and I am so interested. Though as the saying goes that delay is dangerous , I am not entirely quiet about this very very important business of ours. As I am writing to you I am seriously sourcing for the needed funds , the needed Internet enabled laptop, and to revamp my lost dollar account in order to get a genuine visa card. Please bear with me and help me to come out from poverty .A fire incident occurred to me that destroyed all my documents and equipment that left in the present predicaments. However all hope seem to come back when I saw your messages of assistance on information marketing. Thanks

  2. Is me Chidube Ikah, I am coping up small, small from the product I bought from Taiwo that is known as Facebook authorpilot money system. And i thank taiwo for a lot of bonus he put together with the product.

  3. I am coping up small ,small from the product I have bought from Taiwo that is known as Facebook author pilot money system. And I thank Taiwo for a lot bonus he put together with the product.

  4. dear taiwo,please abt,this autopilot, after getting d e-book how much capital wil i need to start it? urgent reply pls

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