Never Promise Tomorrow, because even the life we have is borrowed !


According to all religions, It Is believed that

every living soul shall die one day.

and God in his supreme greatness made that day

a mystery for every one of us.

I was with my Dad on Tuesday

when he complained a brief illness

while his personal doctor treated him in his residence

and he confirmed he felt much better after receiving few injections

and we chat and laughed together same day

before I departed for my place of residence


I received a call from my brother again on Thursday afternoon

about Dads deteriorating health  that he needed to be taken to hospital

Before I got there they had already taken him to the hospital

I walked in to the ward and saw a doctor

and couple of nurses attending to him and I felt relived

moments after I walked out to receive a call and

the next thing I heard was “I am sorry we lost him!”


I wanted to devour that doctor !

I thought the world would end that moment  !

I couldn’t stand on my feet !

I must be dreaming I said to myself  !


Oh No!  It was reality

It was a moment of grief !

I couldn’t hold it, I wept so bad !

So that is how people die ?

I keep asking


I started regretting not been able to tell

him How much I loved him once again

I wished I could give him a hug and

thank him for been a such a great

teacher , mentor  and best friend


But also I am thankful for he lived a meaningful life

and survived by children and grand children

He was a disciplinarian, a true believer who

dedicated his life in Serving other people,


I pray may Almighty GOD grants him Eternal rest

and and forgives his shortcomings


For everyone of us , who have lost one or both parents

May God keep us strong and be with us


And for anyone who still have both , please and please

Take very good care of them, appreciate them every minute

Thank and give them Numerous hugs daily



I don’t mean to bore you with this Death story

but also to share A LESSON with you


MORAL: Never Promise Tomorrow,

because even the life we have is borrowed !


I have promised myself to buy him a nice car very soon


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I promised to make him visit my new apartment

I wished to take him on airplane as he always wished


But all of this can no longer come to pass!

What a regret !


If there is anything you consider Important in life

Please DO IT NOW !

Because it might be too late tomorrow



We Love you but Allah loves you more

Rest in perfect peace

Mr. R.A Yusuff

(legendary Dad)






38 thoughts on “Never Promise Tomorrow, because even the life we have is borrowed !

  1. Sorry about the loss of your dad,I know how it feels ‘cos I’ve been there.
    May His gentle soul rest in perfect peace,amen!

  2. Sorry about your dads demise you know o just lost mine too and I quite understand the pain you have not been able to do certain things you wish to do for them before they go. Take heart my brother. Tho am still battling with mine

  3. Sorry for the loss of your dad….. I have always been looking forward to your mails but on opening this I felt sorry…. Take heart and pray to God to show mercy on him. May Allah grant him jannatul firdausi. Accept my sympathy

  4. I sorry for the loss of your legendary dad. I Lost mine @the age 17 the very year I graduated from secondary school, I didn’t believe my eyes, because that morning 23/11/2003 I was the only child who saw our dad last before he died. That morning he woke up and met me in the parlour and asked me if I had said my prayers and I answered yes sir, so he gave me his kettle to get him water from the kitchen so I did, after he prayed he went back to bed. Moments later, mum rushed out crying and asking as to who saw dad this morning and I responded I did, and she asked again what was he like? and I replied he was okay. He requested for water, performed ablution, played and went back to bed. So she broke the sad news that he just gave up

  5. From Him we come and to HIM we shall return. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him jannah firdaus…amin. May He be with those he left behind and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

  6. Oh! Take heart, time will heal the wound, it took me a year before I came out of depression when my dad passed on. It is well with you and family.

  7. Hold your hearth is not easy, i thank God for you that you are no more kid,you can deal with your life .May God almighty Allah forgive him and my own too.Qul huwalau for all of them


  9. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace,Amen.Take heart and may the.almighty God give you the grace to bear the in reparable lost,Amen.

  10. I’m really sorry for your bereavement my dear. Take heart, God knows the reason for every things. We are humans but God is God. Death is like putting off filthy clothe from the real person of the soul, and the soul deserving to be clothed with another new and white one. So I pray, may almighty God show him mercy and clothe him with this new white clothe and welcome him to rest Amen.

  11. When my Dad died last year, I felt so bad but got encouraged by the lifestyle he lived. The whole Church from PH came from PH to bury him. So what gives me joy is remembering his good lifestyle and trying to improve on it. May the Lord strengthen you and give you peace in Jesus name. Amen

  12. Taiwo my mentor ,I am very sorry to hear that your beloved father is dead. See, only God knows the reason your father died this time, so take heart.

  13. From Him we come and to HIM we shall return. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him jannah firdaus…amin. May He be with those he left behind and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

  14. So Sorry for the demise of your Father, And as you rightly said he was more than a Dad, I pray that God Almighty will give you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Pls accept my condolences my Boss.

  15. Am sorry Sir, for the lost of your dad: I pray may his soul Rest In Peace. Take heart God will continue to see you through.

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