Apr 01

3 lessons to learn from General Muhammadu Buhari’s Victory in the just concluded Presidential Election

Firstly I will like to congratulate Winner and Looser of the just concluded Election; they both played a cogent role in survival of democracy and the ones of Nigeria by ensuring peaceful  election process

Below are 3 quick lessons one can learn from the victory of the winner


  1. Winners don’t Quit: having contested for the fourth consecutive time in the span of 16 years, he finally made it to the seat of the President elect n the country, Success in that sense can be defined as “Giving it a try, try again , and again , and again till you succeed. Don’t ever quit ! “


  1. Positioning: Achieving success most times requires having the right team, party, partner, coach, mentor, No matter how good you are or how hardworking you may be, if you are not positioned at the right place at the right time, success won’t find you

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Feb 27

If you continue doing these 5 things, You will not make a dime online

how to make money online

So yesterday I received a call from one of my subscribers,

who wanted to order for one of my online products

but was trying to explain his past ordeals and lamented to me on how he has lost so much and got scammed several times by the so called fake guuruus


After much explanation, I replied him bluntly

You will never make a dime online !


The reason was simple…

He keep doing the same thing over and over without paying attention to the details

Let me share those things you also need to avoid if you want make headway in this online business

On your own part you need to avoid these common mistakes

  1. Confirm the credibility of whoever you are dealing with before parting away with your kesh

e.g Someone is teaching you how to farm but has never held a cutlass, so what does he ha Continue reading

Feb 23

10 habits anyone who wants to be successful needs to drop

bad habits

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.
-Albert Schweitze


Below are 10 bad habits everyone (you and I) need to drop

if willing to be successful , actually I wish I knew them early enough


  1. Believing that you have to wait for the right time to begin.


There is no perfect time to start this journey. It will never be perfect and you will always have challenges and obstacles to overcome – it doesn’t really matter – just start NOW.


  1. Accepting that moderate success is easier to achieve then aiming to achieve your wildest dreams


Dream big and set goals that are beyond the realms of your Continue reading

Feb 20

ANSWER to my QUIZ and How to get Credit and Internet DATA for Dead Cheap price

give away time

For those who missed the Quiz….

Here is the question I asked


There are 7 girls inside a room

Ada is reading her book,

Lola is taking her bath

Chinyere is Sleeping

Bukola is Listening to Music from her phone

Titi is playing chess

Aminat is dressing up

What is Amaka doing?


Think deep , the first correct entry wins

N1,OOO Recharge Charge of any Network



And I got loads of answers some are very funny,

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Dec 04


hackers alert

I almost fell for this, as an ardent internet user, we encounter series of fake emails mostly sent by fraudster and hacker who seems to be on the rampage lately,

Securing our email account is very important as our email is the channel to all our internet activities, it comprises of our banking emails, newly registered websites, and some other vital information,

this is the more reason why the hackers and scammers are now targeting having access to people emails and one of their newly developed trick is what I am about to burst and show you in few steps below.

Often times you will receive a random email, the content of the email can be Continue reading

Nov 24

5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life


5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life

Everyone wants to be successful in life, live an accomplished life, have money to take care of their family , buy their dream houses, and live their dream life , but a lot of people tend not to achieve this till they die, Here are 5 reasons most people don’t succeed in life.


“How I wish I could find a ‘Ghana must go’ bag filled with dollars, aargh!  I will change my life.”

“How I wish my dad was Dangote!”

“How I wish I have star like Wizkid ” and wish and wish every day and night, If wishes come true , every man would have a pot of gold, but life isn’t fashioned this way, You have to know exactly what you want , be precise about it, and start working towards getting whatever you want. How many people do this?


This is another major reason why people don’t succeed in life. , a lot of people believe Linda Ikeji is lucky, but they don’t know that she blogged consistently for 4 years before she Continue reading

Nov 08

23 Reasons to Make your Living Worthwhile (READ)


I found these on a friends Timeline and have decided to share with you,  if these collections of rules does not get you inspired or motivated, i wonder what will?

23 Rules to Make Your Living Worthwhile
Rule 1. Life is not fair — get used to it!
Rule 2. Eat an elephant, but one bite at a time.
Rule 3. To better your lot, you have to be a lot better.
Rule 4. If you have a friend, learn to talk to each other instead of Continue reading

Sep 07

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

mental machine

“Would I”, “Should I”, “Could I”

These 3 phrases are most commonly used English phrases to express regrets, at some point is our Lives we sometimes regret not taking a particular action or not doing a thing, So I stumbled upon this helpful tips which I think can help you and I avoid regrets to the barest Minimum if not completely and move Our Lives Forward. They are the 20 things mentally strong People Don’t Do!

These actions are those that the mentally strong avoid, and that we should consider adapting as our own:

1. Dwelling On The Past

Mentally strong individuals focus on the present moment and on the near future. They understand that the past is out of our control and the far future is about as predictable as the weather this winter.

2. Remaining In Their Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a dangerous place, a dark abyss where anyone who remains there for too long loses his or herself entirely. Staying within your comfort zone is giving up on life.

3. Not Listening To The Opinions Of Others

Only the foolish believe themselves to be sufficient in all regards. When it comes to Continue reading

Aug 11

How to download videos from youtube in just 3 steps

YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video sharing website,

Second to Google, YouTube is loaded with bounty of Informations and I personally use it more often

downloading one tutorial or the other, also I upload video tutorials for my subscribers to my YouTube channel ,

To assist newbie users of YouTube who Continue reading

Aug 04


Providing your zip/ Postal codes as been a common mistake among many Nigerian internet Users as most of us are used to writing  23402, 23401, 23432 etc as our ZIP/POSTAL Codes this is a grave mistake as the codes simply represent Phone Dialing Codes for each states.

You can know your True Zip/Postal Code by visiting http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com

The Site looks like what I have in the image below

nipostTo know your Zip Postal code, simply select Continue reading