May 07

How to know who is real and who is just a scammer online in Nigeria

how to spot a scammer


Listen and Listen good,

there are so many fly by night online marketers out there,

All they want is to do is rob you of your hard-earned income

They will promise heaven on earth before paying them

After paying them they will disappear and nowhere to be found

I felt  touched when one of my loyal subscriber was lamenting

that he paid for a seminar and the organizers never showed up

and on the fateful day none of their phone lines was available till date

He has been scammed !

Here are few tips to help save you Online and to be sure you are dealing

with a good person and not a scammer

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Dec 04


hackers alert

I almost fell for this, as an ardent internet user, we encounter series of fake emails mostly sent by fraudster and hacker who seems to be on the rampage lately,

Securing our email account is very important as our email is the channel to all our internet activities, it comprises of our banking emails, newly registered websites, and some other vital information,

this is the more reason why the hackers and scammers are now targeting having access to people emails and one of their newly developed trick is what I am about to burst and show you in few steps below.

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Jun 25

How to Pocket Extra #50,000 Weekly From Football Betting

Yes! You Read the Right thing Whooping #50,000 every Week From Football Betting, and that is #200,000 Every Month (6 digits income ) I don’t just watch football for fun, i feel great about it, each time i pocket these cash every week

The is a Top Notch secret known to Only 2% of Football Stakers,


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