Sep 05

3 Simple measures to survive the current Recession in Nigeria



News Headlines in Nigeria in the last few months

has been like

* Zenith Bank cuts 30% of workers Salary

* Militants blow up another pipeline

* Naira drops to all time low record of 440/$

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Mar 16

BREAKING: CBN Introduces New Charges on ATM card and cheques


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has proposed a N100 monthly charge on

every debit card (ATM card) in the country.

The new charge is separate from the existing N65 charge after the third

withdrawal within the same month.

A monthly maintenance fee of N100 was also proposed every month for a naira

dominated debit card when used, and a N50 charge for other months when Continue reading

Apr 01

3 lessons to learn from General Muhammadu Buhari’s Victory in the just concluded Presidential Election

Firstly I will like to congratulate Winner and Looser of the just concluded Election; they both played a cogent role in survival of democracy and the ones of Nigeria by ensuring peaceful  election process

Below are 3 quick lessons one can learn from the victory of the winner


  1. Winners don’t Quit: having contested for the fourth consecutive time in the span of 16 years, he finally made it to the seat of the President elect n the country, Success in that sense can be defined as “Giving it a try, try again , and again , and again till you succeed. Don’t ever quit ! “


  1. Positioning: Achieving success most times requires having the right team, party, partner, coach, mentor, No matter how good you are or how hardworking you may be, if you are not positioned at the right place at the right time, success won’t find you

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Feb 27

If you continue doing these 5 things, You will not make a dime online

how to make money online

So yesterday I received a call from one of my subscribers,

who wanted to order for one of my online products

but was trying to explain his past ordeals and lamented to me on how he has lost so much and got scammed several times by the so called fake guuruus


After much explanation, I replied him bluntly

You will never make a dime online !


The reason was simple…

He keep doing the same thing over and over without paying attention to the details

Let me share those things you also need to avoid if you want make headway in this online business

On your own part you need to avoid these common mistakes

  1. Confirm the credibility of whoever you are dealing with before parting away with your kesh

e.g Someone is teaching you how to farm but has never held a cutlass, so what does he ha Continue reading