Jul 11




The who idea and concept of earning from affiliate marketing

was brought up as a result of some of my readers who have been clamoring

that I should share with them how they can also start earning

despite not having a capital to go into the Mini Importation Business

nor enough resources to start earning as a freelancer on the microjob websites

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Feb 27

If you continue doing these 5 things, You will not make a dime online

how to make money online

So yesterday I received a call from one of my subscribers,

who wanted to order for one of my online products

but was trying to explain his past ordeals and lamented to me on how he has lost so much and got scammed several times by the so called fake guuruus


After much explanation, I replied him bluntly

You will never make a dime online !


The reason was simple…

He keep doing the same thing over and over without paying attention to the details

Let me share those things you also need to avoid if you want make headway in this online business

On your own part you need to avoid these common mistakes

  1. Confirm the credibility of whoever you are dealing with before parting away with your kesh

e.g Someone is teaching you how to farm but has never held a cutlass, so what does he ha Continue reading

Nov 24

5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life


5 reasons why most People don’t succeed in life

Everyone wants to be successful in life, live an accomplished life, have money to take care of their family , buy their dream houses, and live their dream life , but a lot of people tend not to achieve this till they die, Here are 5 reasons most people don’t succeed in life.


“How I wish I could find a ‘Ghana must go’ bag filled with dollars, aargh!  I will change my life.”

“How I wish my dad was Dangote!”

“How I wish I have star like Wizkid ” and wish and wish every day and night, If wishes come true , every man would have a pot of gold, but life isn’t fashioned this way, You have to know exactly what you want , be precise about it, and start working towards getting whatever you want. How many people do this?


This is another major reason why people don’t succeed in life. , a lot of people believe Linda Ikeji is lucky, but they don’t know that she blogged consistently for 4 years before she Continue reading