Mar 14

How to be the Next Millionaire from FLP

flp millionaire next exit

What the Heck is FLP?

Let me quickly take you out of the mystery , FLP stands for ForeverLiving Products , and it’s a name of a company who came into Nigeria some 16years ago,  they are into sales and manufacture of Healthy, Beauty, cosmetic, and  Fitness products, which has its span across over 120 countries globally and worth over $1b .

In simple English, it is a Network Marketing company or Multi-Level marketing Company as many people call it


Oh No.. another MLM company? not Again !!

You are sick and tired of Hearing of MLM Companies, or Network Marketing companies , and you want to stop reading !.. that will be good , JUST STOP READING RIGHT HERE and forget about the Millionaire Opportunity I am about to share…


I hated them as well, until I realized I have lost over N20m from mere hatred

In the last 2 years…. Continue reading