Video training on bitcoin Investments

Sequel to my last post on how you can create a bitcoin wallet, sending and receiving payments with blockchain , I have created another video on how to invest your bitcoin

Watch video below


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9 thoughts on “Video training on bitcoin Investments

  1. Good day, I sent you a text message on the MTN line you provided but yet to get any response. Pls reply the message to enable further action… Thanks.

  2. Good day. Olawoye Babatunde by Name. I am privileged to access the bitcoin training on my e-mail.. I would like to be one of your downline. Besides, I have been trying to register with mmmunited but I could not get through. I registered my wallet account with blockchain but I find it difficult to register with mmmunited. Kindly help me out Thanks

  3. All about Onecoin, and How you can be worth over #40 million by 2018
    Sorry I took this long to post this here, this is my first post on this blog for the year 2017
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    This Year I will be introducing a better, safer and More profitable investment
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    First of what is cryptocurrency?
    Cryptocurrency is a secure digital currency, designed to work as a medium of exchange for internet users
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    fast of exchanging money online.

    You May be pleased to Know that BILL GATES owner of Microsoft, MARK ZUCKERGBERG owner of
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    Over the years several types of crytocurrencies has been introduced, just like we have our Normal
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    The Ideology is very simple
    Cryptocurrency is new and more people are getting to know of it on daily basis
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    as the demand increases the value also increase

    Here is what I mean by that
    Back in 2009, when bitcoin was first introduced only few people accepted it then and
    was using it asmode of payment , then it was worth less just $0.10
    but as at today February 2017, Hundred of millions of people across the globe now use bitcoin as
    mode of payment and the value is now worth $1,039
    This implies that if one has boough 1000 bitcoins then in 2009 it will only cost you $100
    And if you are selling it now in 2017, you would be selling it at the rate of 1000bitcoins X $1000 each
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