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hackers alert

I almost fell for this, as an ardent internet user, we encounter series of fake emails mostly sent by fraudster and hacker who seems to be on the rampage lately,

Securing our email account is very important as our email is the channel to all our internet activities, it comprises of our banking emails, newly registered websites, and some other vital information,

this is the more reason why the hackers and scammers are now targeting having access to people emails and one of their newly developed trick is what I am about to burst and show you in few steps below.

Often times you will receive a random email, the content of the email can be of any kind, some can make claims of payment, a transaction, Account suspension Notice, a response of request etc.

but one thing is peculiar to them all, they will refer you to an attached file , and they will sometimes call you to action to download or Open the file.

This file is a HTML file (website page file)  a sample of the fake email looks like this one below,


With the attached webpage (payment.html)

Once you download the file and open it, you will get an instant message pop up on your screen, indicating that you have been logged out,


Don’t worry! It’s all lie !!

they designed it to fool you so you can try to log in again on their own designed fake yahoo page, and once you log in with your username and password,the page automatically post your log in details to their database and they can use this details to access your email anytime they want, if you have vital information in there or you are the type that stores your credit card information inside your email, everything will be gone in a jiffy.3

How do I  get to know all these?

I am an internet savvy, Web developer and Internet marketer who teaches people how to make money online legitimately, and sometimes I get confronted by people that how can I distinguish myself from the scammers and these made me study all the trick and method these bad eggs uses in ripping people off their hard earned money, and giving this blessed country of ours a bad name out there ,

So how can you STAY SAFE ?

Here are few tips that can help you to stay safe online from these perpetrators


  1. Don’t be covetous or greedy
  2. Don’t click on links in email from unknown  sender
  3. Pay attention to the website’s URL. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com versus .net)
  4. Never give out your passwords
  5. If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the website, turn off your computer if you want to


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