Why YAHOO boys go BROKE shortly after hammering


I read a post on facebook

by a senior colleague,

and I am obliged to share with you

as a Monday morning motivation


The post Reads –

“Buying a car is not a big deal,

Building a House is not a Big deal

Having a residual income is !”


Let me further explain this to you

any One-headed man can do a business

and make money from it, thus buy a car

Or builds a house


but the question is ..

is the income coming continuously ?


Have you ever ask this question ?

Why do majority of lottery winners go broke

shortly after winning? , or why do some Yahoo boys

go back to their old life after hammering ??



The Answer is simple

When you get a lot of Money

Your expenditure increase,

you taste of buying increases

you will want more beautiful,

fabulous things for yourself


but when the money stops coming

you will find it hard to reduce your taste

and want to keep up with the expensive life

and thus .. the money goes faster

only the wise one among them invest in a

business that gives them a residual income



In this life, to remain at the top

one needs to have residual income,

a business that will continue to fetch you money

every single day of your life

no matter how little


the facebook autopilot business fetch

between N1k-3k every day

you too can start

here >> www.9jawealthinfo.com/fams


I still earn around $20 everyday from

Microjob website, that’s about N5k

You too can start here www.9jawealthinfo.com/microjob


while the Koko business is the information marketing

That has been fetching me between N5k- N20k

every single day for the past 3years

if you mean business, you should just start

here>> www.9jawealthinfo.com/doforme.html


Note: Dangote remains the richest man in Africa today because

He is earning residual income, every single house uses his product

every single day, thus he makes money every single day !


Start something for yourself today

That will fetch you residual income



Your Internet Biz Coach

Taiwo “residual income” Yusuff




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10 thoughts on “Why YAHOO boys go BROKE shortly after hammering

  1. I love this post,so enriching and worth sharing. Making money every single day leads to financial freedom.
    Thanks Taiwo for this post.

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